A campground that helps maintain your wellbeing

A vacation needs to be restful and help you escape from your daily routine, it is with these goals in mind that we developed our campground.

A new vision of camping

In our often urban and fast-paced lives, what could be more natural than a campground surrounded by nature and focused on our well-being to escape from it all, to slow down, to reconnect, to enjoy a break during the vacation time. Gentle workout, low-impact activities, yoga, complete the family activities of Bombannes Adventure in a natural space nested between the lake and the ocean. The team invites you, at your own pace, to spend, with family and friends, special happy times everyone will remember with a smile on their face once they leave! Reconnect with your body and mind, live in sync with nature, be surrounded by the people you love… with Wellness & Sport Camping, balance is finally found.

Zen activities and nature for all

In the heart of the Bombannes domain, the sweet scent of the forest, majestic pine trees, birds and cicadas singing … come and fully experience nature at the Wellness Sport Camping of Carcans. 


Activities available: Nested between the lake and the ocean, in the middle of nature on the shore of the lake, yoga, sophrology, bike rides, creative workshops for children and time to share and socialize.


DURING THE SUMMER BREAK: 5 wellness sessions for all are scheduled each week: discovering yoga, awakening your 5 senses, meditating, reconnecting with nature. Take part in activities with your family or friends: power walking, discovering the local heritage, hiking in nature, morning fitness workout…

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