From 4 nights = 1 extra night free

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We’ll give you a holiday bonus!

For a minimum of 4 nights, we’ll give you 1 night* to extend your holiday!

*Offer valid for bookings made no later than 01/04/24 for a stay from 12/04 to 5/05/2024 on rentals with a minimum of 4 nights purchased, one night is free. The deduction for the cheapest night will be applied to your basket.

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    In May & June 2024, it’s the holidays before the holidays! Up to 15% off.


  • Spring holidays 2024

    We’re increasing your holidays ! From 4 nights we offer you 1 night.


  • Bombannes Aventures

    Bombannes Aventures is located in the Gironde in the commune of Carcans-Maubuisson in the Médoc Regional Nature Park.