Médoc Regional Natural Park

Médoc is the body of land located between Arcachon Bay, Bordeaux and the ocean.

Discover the Médoc Region

Médoc, literally “in the middle of water”, is a part of the region known for its wine, water and wine. There are over 8 AOC appellations for wine that you will discover when visiting the vineyards. Pine forests spread over hectares and the old railroad tracks have been converted into bike lanes: perfect for riding in the shade of the Médoc region.

What to do in the Médoc?

Besides visiting vineyards and winemaking cooperatives, you will get to enjoy long walks and ride bikes on one of Médoc’s bike lanes that stretch over 78 mi (125 km). You can also try out many water sports like canoeing or windsurfing, by either taking a class or on your own thanks to the rental service. Naturally, swimming is also highly recommended, between the beach, the ponds and the lake, everyone will find the grain of sand they were looking for!

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